07 Nov,2016

The new HTTPS Standard

by D4designStudios

Back in August 2014 Google has announced, that all sites served over the HTTPS protocol would rank higher than their competitors using regular HTTP (if you're not familiar with HTTPS / SSL, please watch this video).

Google has just announced that January 2017 would mark a "turning point" forcing all website owners to upgrade their website to the HTTPS standard.

Here is why you should upgrade to HTTPS before January 2017:

Starting in January 2017 Google Chrome will mark sites using HTTP protocol as "unsafe" and label them with an X in the query list.

Get SEO / Google ranking advantage over your competitors.

More security for your website visitors, thanks to 256-bit SSL encryption.

At D4design Studios we recommend to all our customers that currently run their site on regular HTTP, to update to the new standard as soon as possible. In order to make this transition effortless and hustle-free, we offer an all-in-one HTTPS package from CHF 149 / year.

Our HTTPS package includes:

256-bit SSL certificate for 1 year

Installation and configuration of the SSL certificate

Maintenance and Support.

Please contact us to get started with the upgrade of your site.

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