Our designers in Switzerland will create a one-of-a kind email newsletter, that you can use as often as you like. Just add your content, images and send! Email marketing will build relationships with your customers and grow your business.

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Why Email Marketing?

Achieve your online marketing goals thanks to our successful email marketing solution. Our newsletter system does not require any technical expertise. Send professional newsletters with ease.

In addition, our newsletters are tested with all known email programs and mobile devices. Your newsletters will look perfect when it arrives in your client's inbox. Email marketing campaigns are quick to create and inexpensive to produce. This allows you to have more customer conversion than with conventional advertising.

We are specialized in

  • http://Monthly%20Newsletters
    Monthly Newsletters
  • http://E-Mail%20Invitations
    Surveys & Announcements, E-Vites, E-Mail Invitations
  • http://List%20Management
    E-Mail List Management
  • http://User%20Statistics
    User Statistics & Click-Throughs
  • http://Newsletter%20Design
    Custom Newsletter Design
  • http://Newsletter%20Administration
    Easy Newsletter Administration
  • http://Mailchimp%20or%20Constant%20Contact
    Mailchimp, Constant Contact

Easy to Edit

Whether you’re new to email marketing or are a seasoned pro, with the easy-to-use editor (powered by Constant Contact, Mailchimp) you will be able to change text, images and colors with ease. It’s intuitive drag & drop interface and the ability to clone elements ensures a fast and easy workflow. 

Custom Design

Let a professional create your next email campaign! We will design and code a beautiful one-of-a kind reusable newsletter template, with your logo, colors and specifications.


Our newsletters are fully optimized for the latest smartphones. Thanks to the single-column layout, the content will automatically adjust optimal for mobile readers.

Powerful Editor

You will be able to change text,  add images and clone elements with ease. The intuitive drag & drop editor (powered by Constant Contact) allows a fast and easy workflow.

List Management

Easily upload your current list of contacts or grow your contact list on the web, through social media or via mobile app. Organize and target your customers with different subscriber lists or interest groups.


We make sure your newsletters reach their destination. With the built-in "spam check-tool" you can easily test your email drafts and avoid possible problems, along with suggestions toward how to fix them.

Best Time to Send

Get a higher open rates by sending your email campaigns based on industry "best time to send" trends. You will have the ability to easily schedule your newsletters in time slots based on the collected data.

Social Sharing

Boost your newsletters across all platforms. Extend your reach by sharing your campaign with followers. In addition your audience will be able to like and share your newsletter with friends.


Measure how your contacts are engaging with your newsletters. We offer easy-to-read reports, that track your success in real-time. With the Toolkit app you can check reports no matter where you are.

1:1 Schooling

With a 1:1 live online schooling session, we will teach you how to edit, update and utilize your email campaigns. Furthermore we will help you import, organize and send the newsletter to your contacts.

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Why do our customers like us

“We were looking for a complete redesign of our website. D4design Studios delivered amazing looking solution with responsive webdesign technology. Thanks to its absolute professionalism and straightforward service, D4design Studios was a perfect partner, for implementing the website we always wanted have.”


Accelerom AG
“D4design team worked on building Novocure’s educational website on clinical trials. Working on the development of a novel therapy in oncology, it was of utmost importance for us to work with a highly professional team, which also has high levels of flexibility and creativity.”


“D4design Studios was the best partner when developing the website They are always available, the response time is extremely quick. The result leaves nothing to be desired in terms of professionalism. As a customer, I get amazing support, even beyond the website. I highly recommend D4design Studios”


FinGuide AG
"Really impressive. D4design Studios built the first brand guide (colors, fonts, banner design, new logo proposals) during our first call. They are really up-to-date with the latest designs and trends and worked efficiently. It definitely is a high-end agency."


Trust Square AG
“The production time of our website was extremely fast. The work was beautifully executed while paying close attention to the smallest detail. I would work with them without question again and I would not hesitate to suggest them to anyone except my competitors!“


Laurence Craig Catering